Cultivating Business Relationships That Lead to Opportunity

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Thom Singer and Craig Brown from the Digital Enterprise Society Podcast, to discuss the importance of finding the opportunities in any situation, even in a pandemic. In it I highlight the importance of shaping the story that you tell yourself about your current situation, how to find the good even in these trying times, and the importance of focusing on the relationships that can lead to the greatest opportunities of your career.

We also cover:

The value of shaping your narrative

  • Narratives assist in connecting people and helping them visualize the result.
  • Share your stories of resiliency and creativity as well as the stories of your trials. 
  • Turning the negative into a positive starts with focusing on the moments of hopefulness.
  • Ask questions that highlight moments of triumph in an environment of dismay.

How to find the good news in bad situations

  • Employ a confirmation bias by looking for the good in the information you consume.
  • Changes in your career situation due to COVID-19 can be laced with opportunity.
  • Identify the space between your comfort zone and where future possibilities lie.
  • Tell the stories of success that have come as a result of your challenges. 
  • Focus on the innovation that comes when change is forced upon you. 

Effective ideas for improving your current situation 

  • Feelings of isolation are only going to exacerbate your discouragement — don’t allow yourself to remain isolated.
  • Now is the time to develop relationships with people in your professional and personal circles. 
  • Look for ways to get outside of your own story through service and volunteering.

How to cultivate business relationships that lead to opportunity

  • Make yourself more visible to your company and your network.
  • People matter more than ever in this current situation. 
  • Check in on the people in your circles — try sending three texts a day. 
  • Introverted people will benefit from a more concentrated effort to reach out. 
  • Focusing on acts of service will take the ego out of your efforts. 
  • Use social media as a tool to help increase your visibility. 

Give it a listen:

Digital Enterprise Society Podcast
Cultivating Business Relationships That Lead to Opportunity
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